Monday, June 1, 2009

Last week of my 20's

This week marks the end of my 20's. What an awesome time it has been! I would have to say it has been some of the best years and best events of my entire life so far. Here are some of the highlights I can reminisce about these last 10 years.

* Getting to College
* Getting my drivers license (yes I was 21)
* Getting my own Apartment
* Buying my first car
* Having my first real paying job (Jo-Ann Fabrics)
* Graduating
* Moving to San Diego
* Graduating again
* Getting married to the love of my life
* Moving to Ohio
* Buying our first house
* Getting pregnant with our first baby

So I am really not upset to turn 30. It will be great to see what the 30's list will look like. I expect nothing but great things!


Emmanuel said...

Awesome babe!!! What an accomplishment! the other is a little messed up though.... :)
"Getting married to the love of your life" comes before "graduating again" hahaha...
Just wanted to make sure we got everything in the order.. LOL
Love you....:)

Mary Zolene said...

Your right- I didn't exactly put them in order- there are other ones out of line also. :) If I ordered them for importance you would have been at the top!!

Emmanuel said...

You are great babe, an amazing woman; I love you very much and I'm glad I married you :). God has more in store for you. More blessings are coming your way.

Matt, Melissa, Baxter, Matthias, Matijs said...

I was only a couple months younger than you when we had Matthias. I think it is a perfect age for you to have a little one! Happy Birthday!

Amber Porsche said...

Eman u at least made the list, LOL. Love u guys~~