Friday, September 25, 2009


If you know me really well you probably already know I am not a big fan of public transportation. It isn't that I am a is that I don't like someone else being in charge of my transportation. I would much rather drive myself thank you very much.

But this week in DC I was reminded of the limited taxi experiences I have had, and added a few more memories for the taxi memory bank.

I needed to take a taxi to go visit my Togolese Aunt and Uncle. The ride there was mostly without anything note worthy although I think my nervousness must have shown and he cheated me on the money situation. I confirmed the cheating on my return way time driver from Ethiopia you are not cheating me an extra $3!

On the way back my Aunt and Uncle insisted on walking with me and helping me hail a taxi. Now the whole "hailing a taxi" thing has always been problematic for me. I remember the very first time I tried was with my sister Holly in DC and we ended up in fits of giggles because we apparently had not watched/payed attention enough to the movies. Took us FOREVER to get one...

This week I wanted to giggle SO bad because my Aunt's style of hailing a taxi was to raise her arm and hiss. Yes, HISS!! Like something between a snake and a cat! Hilarious! Especially since their windows are rolled up and there was no way the drivers would hear her.

Here is me in my taxi ride with the cheating driver. :) Yeah I guess the look on my face is nervousness...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Trains, Planes and Automobiles!

We had a little of everything this weekend but here is the train coverage.

I have always thought that trains would be the ideal way for me to travel. Someone else is driving, you are not in the sky, easy on and off. And I think I am right. This weekend we did a girl day trip on the Cuyahoga Scenic Valley Railroad and it was so pleasant! The train made me want to go to sleep it was so peaceful and relaxing.

Here are a few pics from our excursion on the train.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


It has been a while since I put a picture of me on here....This is me almost 30 weeks pregnant. Trying to look professional for my work day. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

God Chicks - Remake

This post is for my friends in the San Diego small group! I suggested to my small group of Young Professional women here in Ohio that we use the God Chicks book for our next study. They got a little interested so I ran into the basement, pulled out my copy and came upstairs to pass it around.

As I was thumbing through it I found notes from when we did it together over 2 years ago. E-mails from Jane, Dilenna, Summer. Notes to myself on what we were going to talk about that week.

I also came across our "brainstorming" session on what I am assuming was the "party chick" chapter. If you remember, we were sitting outside the coffee shop and all discussing things we would like to do, but apparently never had the courage to try.

As I was getting ready to hand the book around to my new small group, I had to start laughing out loud as my eyes fell to the list of suggested activites. Right there as the top two were "Pole Dancing and Sexy Photo Shoot". I don't think my current group of single ladies would have quite understood that list!!!

Man did I get a good laugh. I sure do miss you ladies!

The Little Things

I realized yesterday that Emmanuel and I have reached that point in our lives where the littlest things make us very happy. Not that we are bored, ignorant or lazy, but finally we are at a place where we can appreciate all that is going on around us.

We are having a blast with our yard work, we got all excited to see a new road opened up on our way to church, and our color choice in the dining room is finally okay with me!

I went to sleep last night thanking God that He has blessed us with a lot of peace. We had to put in hard hard work to get here, but we are really enjoying life right now. Here are some pics to show you.

Me at 29 weeks pregnant with Olivia

Eman's landscaping project this year

Eman watering his grass with our broken hose at 6:30 am this morning

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Straight Paths

This morning I had a collage of reading, thoughts and prayers going through my mind. I started reading my new Christian woman book, jumped to Hebrews 12, then finished with the Holly Wagner devotional we are using in our small group tomorrow night.

The theme from all three was running. Several of my friends are running in races this year so I am currently surrounded with mileage, updates, countdowns, weight loss!

Even though I can't run right now- this morning I was very blessed. Hebrews 12 says this " Make straight paths for your feet". Interesting to me that this implies we have a choice. A defeatist attitude would say that the path is stretched out before us and we are plodding along day by day.

The word "Make" means we have creation, inspiration, power right here in our hands. God doesn't say follow the path. He doesn't say endure your path, he says make your path! "strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees".

Today these words are reverbrating in my head. My path is my own and with the help of God's word, God's Holy Spirit and my Christian community what I create will be a beautiful thing.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quiet morning

As a result of being pretty sick on Monday- we decided not to do our three mile walk before work this morning. But I still woke up at 5:30am wide awake and refreshed.

I came downstairs in my bathrobe and while my coffee was brewing I started my new Bobbie Houston book, "I'll have what she is having". I have been eyeballing this book for about a year because of the Hillsong podcasts Emmanuel and I love to listen to. A couple of weeks ago I broke down and ordered it- knowing it would be a refreshing Christian supplement to my Harry Potter marathon!

It always blesses me to read encouraging testimony from women who are leaders in the churches, communities and families. First chapter down and several more to go!