Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Straight Paths

This morning I had a collage of reading, thoughts and prayers going through my mind. I started reading my new Christian woman book, jumped to Hebrews 12, then finished with the Holly Wagner devotional we are using in our small group tomorrow night.

The theme from all three was running. Several of my friends are running in races this year so I am currently surrounded with mileage, updates, countdowns, weight loss!

Even though I can't run right now- this morning I was very blessed. Hebrews 12 says this " Make straight paths for your feet". Interesting to me that this implies we have a choice. A defeatist attitude would say that the path is stretched out before us and we are plodding along day by day.

The word "Make" means we have creation, inspiration, power right here in our hands. God doesn't say follow the path. He doesn't say endure your path, he says make your path! "strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees".

Today these words are reverbrating in my head. My path is my own and with the help of God's word, God's Holy Spirit and my Christian community what I create will be a beautiful thing.


Sources of Joy said...

i love that! thanks for sharing your thoughts. i will set about making my path today.

Amber Porsche said...

I needed this today, great post~~