Thursday, January 20, 2011

It would be easier

It would be easier to look forward, and never reflect back.
It would be easier to stay in bed, and not face the day.
It would be easier to keep my mouth shut, and not let God use my words.
It would be easier to turn my mind off, and not let the Holy Spirit churn it.

It would be easier, but would it be best?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My darling husband has been doing research to help support me on my new book adventure. He is just that kind of man.

One of the things he discovered is that "change" is the number one seller of books. I completely resonate with that. Recently I was searching new women's bible studies and that exact thought crossed my mind. If I don't think it will change me, it isn't worth me reading.

So how do I translate that into my new adventure?

A) I find a new title. (don't' worry I am not hung up on the may come to me after I get some chapters written.)

B) My story is really all about will be easy for me to write MANY chapters of how God kept me through change, taught me how to endure change, taught me how to give changes to Him.

Doesn't this stir against your woman heart? It does mine. With our base desire for security and our nature to nurture we often resist change. We want confirmation and control. We want to organize change right out of our lives, we grieve when change happens and we weren't prepared.

This concept has kept me awake or dreaming the last two nights. How I can wrap my story around this fear/need. We need to be changed yet we fear it above all else.

Mind stirring stuff.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I missed an important date

A very important date slipped by in the hubbub of the Holidays. It was the third year anniversary of us moving to Ohio. December 22. Although it may not seem like much....Ohio is now the longest state I have ever consecutively lived in since I was like 10. Maybe younger considering that the ages of 8-10 I lived went back and forth from Illinois to Kentucky.

No wonder Ohio is starting to feel a little like home. Thank you Jesus for my home, my stability and my sense of belonging.

Today is so very welcome

January 1st holds so much for me!! I know you are probably tired of my gushing...but I must gush!

We are officially caught up on our bills after months of unemployment! How awesome is our God. I look back on my graphs for 2010 and already I have NO IDEA how we made it through this year. Such such such a God thing. We will never be the same after this year.

I have started on my new book! Aren't you excited?? I am so very excited. I have a dear friend holding me accountable to finish it this year, I have the title picked out, I have some e-mails out for research and publishing. I have e-mailed my church to see if there is a mentor who can help critique my writing for spiritual soundness. I am just thrilled to be headed down this path.

I would love to hear how you expect God to bless you this year. What are you asking Him for? What are you trusting Him for? This year is my year of Recovery and Joy! (joy translating into fun also. I need more fun in my life!)