Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Don't Drop Your Ball!

New Years Eve Day! A time of both reflection and analysis for me. I like to look back over the past year and see everything that has happened, but mostly I enjoy looking forward at what still needs to be done.
Tonight I plan on watching the ball drop for the second year in a row! (you can see how dedicated I am to tradition). Mostly I am watching it this year because I want to see Anderson Cooper host and listen to all the performers.
A couple of things I am doing at the end/beginning of the year. Maybe you could call them New Year's resolutions but I am not sure.
** Making a photo book compiling all 2008 random pictures. It will include Eman's trip to Togo, our first house, Niagara Falls, lots of snow in Ohio and of course just some romantic pictures with my husband.
** Using to analyze our finances for 2008 and understand how to improve our financial security for 2009. I am all into researching CD's right now and finding clever ways to save more money. That is our number one goal for 2009...improve our savings account.
** Eat healthy. I have discovered that I am probably allergic to gluten. (and maybe chocolate but I am not 100% sure yet) So using a great cookbook called the "Eat Clean Diet" I am feeling alot stronger and healthier. I don't go home every day with a horrible pain in my stomach.
** Learning a new Yoga routine to do at home. I have seriously been using the same video for about 5 years now. Time to mix it up a little bit!
Let me know what you are thinking about this New Years Eve!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lunch Break

I have a variety of ways I spend my one hour lunch break. Sometimes I run errands, sometimes I go shopping. Often I go home, make a salad and watch CNN for a little while.

Today was different. Today's lunch break was a prayer time with Emmanuel. To bare your heart before the Father with your spouse is for me one of the most precious experiences. Thanking God for your blessings, asking him to fill your needs.
It has always been the binding factor in my relationships. The friends who pray with me are the ones who have my heart.... Emmanuel prayed on our first date and I was instantly taken to the throne room before my God.
Don't take this awesome gift for granted. If you know someone who is hurting, call them up and pray with them over the phone. If you need some of that intimate time with your spouse, grab them by the hand and spend a few minutes in prayer together. I assure you, it is a few minutes or a lunch break worth spending.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Hello to all my friends who read my blog. It is Christmas morning, early. Emmanuel and I are sharing his birthday and Christmas with some dear dear friends. A family that adopted Emmanuel when he first arrived to the states, and have since adopted me into their family.

We are in Northern KY...just a couple of hours outside of Louisville. Enjoying a country Christmas. My view this morning was of a beautiful pond in the backyard.

Sometimes we are blessed in mysterious ways. Quiet ways. Not always how we percieve or anticipate. So if today you find yourself dissapointed in any thing or any way, focus on the blessings you recieved that you did not expect...because I am sure you will find them.

My love sent to you this Christmas,

Monday, December 22, 2008 new smell!!!

Emmanuel and I exchanged our one present to each other on Sunday afternoon...the reason being that instead of buying multiple gifts for each other, we just bought one and then took each other shopping for winter clothes.

(Today was 3 degrees outside and our California remnant of a wardrobe is just not cutting it.)

Emmanuel totally surprised me with a new perfume!! He handed me the bag and said...

" I know you know what it is"

"No I really don't" I said....but inside I was guessing a sweater since I complain of being cold all the time.

Much to my surprise I found two huge bottles of Calvin Klein "Euphoria" in my gift bag!! It is seriously the largest and most beautiful bottle of perfume I have ever owned.

"Babe," I said.. "Why did you think I would guess this"?

"Because when I came home from shopping I smelled so strongly of women's perfume that I rushed upstairs and scrubbed my hands. I was tempted to take a shower but I figured that would be too obvious. I thought you must have smelled all the perfume on me and known that is what I bought!" Said Emmanuel

So new smell is euphoric and it will last me a very long time...

Thanks Babe for a great Christmas present!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Do I look Gay?

I so so so wish my camera was working so I could take a picture of myself...but I will try and give you a visual.

I have on Tommy Hilfiger jeans, caramel colored boots, a white button down shirt with a blue quarter length sleeve sweater over the top. I am thinking I look pretty cute for casual Friday right?

Eman comes to kiss me goodbye this morning and his comment was "You look gay"

I spinned around and said "WHAT?"

He said.." Well you don't look gay but you look like the gay lady on TV.... you know Ellen, she dresses like that".

I said "Ok so do I look like Ellen or do I look Gay because I think there is a difference'!

The verdict - a peck on the cheek and a quick comment that I of course did not look gay and looked beautiful.

But all day I have been wondering?????

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stockings on my Fireplace

This Christmas is not quite shaping up how I had envisioned it. We have gotten lots of bad news in the last two weeks that have altered what I envisioned our first Christmas in our home to be like.

I am choosing, by sheer gut power of my will to focus on my blessings instead of what my imagination is telling me should have been.

Although the attached picture is of our apartment in San Diego, we have the same exact little tree and little stockings...only this year they are hanging over my lovely gas fireplace. Up against my newly painted wall inside my very own living room.

I may not have been able to put the presents under it that I wanted, or cook the meal that I was hoping, but we are safe, we are warm, we are healthy and we are happy.

You will not be getting a Christmas card from me this year...but I plan on doing what I did this year and send out Easter cards instead. :) You will probably spend more time reading it anyway.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy on my I-pod

This week I was volunteering in my company's shipping department and listening to my I-pod. I accidently downloaded a Natasha Bedingfield CD instead of just the one song I wanted....OOPS..that showed up on the budget. Haha...

Yesterday my company announced that our profit sharing plan has been discontinued for 08 and 09. So my hopes of a large chunk of change next week are down the drain.
The lyrics to one of Natasha's song rang in my head....

Got my dreams, got my life, got my love

Got my friends got the sunshine above

Why am I making this hard on myself

When there’s so many beautiful reasons I have to be happy

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Elephant Butt

Elephant Butt

Thanksgiving is over.
I have consumed pies, cookies, bread, pasta, potatoes followed by many glasses of wine and coffee. Coffee with Cream and Sugar.
I should not be surprised by what I see in the mirror.
Thanksgiving brings the Elephant Butt syndrome.
It would be okay if my butt just got big, but it is the saggy party I hate.
So I hit the gym, spend countless hours on the ellyptical
and hope that just in time for Christmas my butt is firm again.
By Mary Agbovi
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