Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Elephant Butt

Elephant Butt

Thanksgiving is over.
I have consumed pies, cookies, bread, pasta, potatoes followed by many glasses of wine and coffee. Coffee with Cream and Sugar.
I should not be surprised by what I see in the mirror.
Thanksgiving brings the Elephant Butt syndrome.
It would be okay if my butt just got big, but it is the saggy party I hate.
So I hit the gym, spend countless hours on the ellyptical
and hope that just in time for Christmas my butt is firm again.
By Mary Agbovi
No applause necessary


Laurie and company said...

you are too hard on yourself...but this post and your creative poem made this cat laugh.

hit it hard, girl! you inspire!

big hugs, L

mejane said...

You're going to hit the gym so you can do it all over again at Christmas? I hear ya. I did a horendous diet for 3 days before Thanksgiving and came out even. Yeah me!