Friday, November 21, 2008

My weekly update

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and for the first time since we bought our home, it is going to be filled up. Amber, Adrienne, Ashley, Wydia and Stephen are coming for 4 days! I have my Holiday menu picked out and am going grocery shopping tomorrow...we are going to decorate the tree and get it all ready. Life is good.

Thanksgiving is coming up and in essence it is the time to be thankful, I found myself thanking God for several things this week. Below is the list with a short commentary on each one.

My husband- This week we went to financial counseling through our church and I was so proud of him as together we humbled ourself before God and our counselor asking for wisdom into our finances. We are learning so much together and I am blessed to be his partner. Learning to save and invest is our newest journey.

My Attached Garage = This week we got a foot of snow! I was so thankful for not only my attached garage that kept my car clean and warm, but for the HOA fee I pay every month so someone will come plow my road and driveway. Thank you Lord!! If I "get" to live in Ohio for a while than I am so thankful someone else is taking care of my snow.

Consignment Shops- I was able to buy a designer pair of pants, an Adidas fleece and two cashmere/wool sweaters very cheaply! Very nice and warm when it is 26 degrees out.

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