Thursday, November 6, 2008

Angry Salad

My next post will finish up my side of the Rupert the cameo of 50 cent as well.

But today I wanted to share the fact that I am REALLY cranky. It started last night...continued throughout today and I see no end in sight. Why? Not quite sure.... It stems from a combination of boredom and impatience.

Being a good wife I did warn my husband that I was cranky. Being a good husband he proceeded to apologize for all the things he could think of in the last 24 hours that he might have done or said. Sweet right?

Until I asked him how his lunch was. I packed him a salad. I got a message from him saying his salad was angry. Is this even English? His logic....since I was angry while making it...the salad was therefore angry upon eating it.

That did not help my crankiness.


Anonymous said...

That's funny, Mary. (The angry salad)
I've been really fighting crankiness, too... does being a new mom with limited sleep, and weird hormones count as an excuse? Probably not. Anyway, I keep apologizing to John and the boys, and they've been sweet about it.
Cheer up. :)

Mary Zolene said...

Totally totally excuses you!!!

Life as I know it said...

I haven't been cranky...just weird. I think it's a combination of stress and not feeling well, which is a result of stress. I really, really want to just go home and sleep. Or paint. And then sleep.

Laurie and company said...

you two are cute.

I'm gonna go eat some angry salad. right after I take an angry run...

hugs to you!


mejane said...

Why do us women always need to find an excuse? If we want to be angry at the world and take it out on our husbands once in a while, so be it! (Says the woman who is also in a generally bad mood today)

Garry said...

I think his answer was great. It showed him trying to use laughter to cheer you up. Way to go Eman