Monday, August 31, 2009

How to Study the Bible

"I bet none of you were jumping up and down with excitement when you found out the topic of discussion!" Said our new Sunday School teacher last week.

Honestly- no. I was not thrilled. My first thought if I am honest with myself was "Who wants to hear two sermons in one morning!"

But pleasantly not only did God work on my heart a little bit, I really enjoyed the topic once we arrived and engaged. If I open my mind to the why and how of how to study the Bible, I am convinced I will learn something. (obviously)

So with a refreshed attitude I look forward to the coming week and the challenge to read my Bible once a day. Today I feasted on 1John chapter 1.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Design

It is always fun to try or get something new. There is a feeling of cleanness, of excitement, of inspiration. Probably a false sense of starting over with the proverbial clean slate.

Later on in my life, I had to recognize that this emotional rush can be a deadly addiction. As a child and young adult I was never taught how to engage in healthy relationships. There was always a sense that if things didn't work out, you cut that person out of your life or you relocated physically. Although you had the excitement of new things, I have to admit that there was always a hidden sense of pain. I am reminded of the "Golden Compass" and the use of cutting to remove your soul from your body. Life without a healthy perspective on friendship and family can result in the same torn fragments.

It has taken me many years but I have come to learn what healthy interaction looks like. Sometimes you don't agree, sometimes you have opposing views, sometimes you are on the same wave length. Such is life and life is meant to be lived, not constantly run away from.

So although I have several "new" things in my life right now, I cherish the "old". The safety and security that comes from knowing you worked hard at a relationship brings abundant peace.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Coming Soon

Daughter of Eden's Eve will be under construction this week. :) I may try out several templates to see which one actually goes with the re-design I have in mind. Hopefully a fresh look will re-charge my brain to write something reflective and inspirational.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Central Log to my Internal Fire

One thing I love about our church here in Ohio is the preaching. Most of the sermons resonate with me to the point of reflection the rest of the week.

Last Sunday was such a sermon. Although I can barely do it justice, I can write about my thoughts concerning it.

Our Pastor spoke on the importance of keeping Christ at the center. He used an illustration of a starter log for a fire. Everything is built around it but for many of us, that central nerve is something other than what it should be.

A profound observation; "If you touch someones central log, and it is not Christ, be prepared to battle unforgiveness from that person. Whatever is at their center will be the forbidden area". PARAPHRASE

I thought about areas of sensitivity in my own life that might point out things that I put above Christ. Although I can say the list is shorter than it once was, there are still things I had to admit to. Mainly my job. If someone criticises my work or thinks I made a judgement error, it just sends me into a tizzy. This week I am focused on giving that area of my life to Christ and asking him to be over it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Speed Reading

"Wow, said Emmanuel. You are sure going through that book fast!"

Referring to the first Harry Potter book that Mary was reading in bed. As Emmanuel jumped into bed next to her, she started showing him tips on how she speed reads novels.

"See, says Mary, I basically let my eyes scan to see who is talking first, then I just pick up the gist of the paragraph before moving onto the next. I basically skip the descriptors of moods, tones, backgrounds. I can gather what I want from what the person actually says."

"I think I would actually enjoy reading if I could learn how to do that." Says Emmanuel

The next night they were laying in bed together again, this time just talking. The topic of conversation was about the upcoming weekend and Mary hosting a get together for the women in her Sunday School Class.

" I only have 5 women coming and 2 of them are actually from work." says Mary. "The one lady I invited sits next to me and I realized after Easter weekend that we go to the same church." As Mary started to launch into the story of how exactly she figured this out, Emmanuel interrupted her. "So you only have 5 girls coming?"

"Hey, said Mary, I was trying to tell you a story here! It isn't nice to interrupt me."

Eman, with a straight face but a twinkle in his eye replied, "I was practicing my speed reading technique."