Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Speed Reading

"Wow, said Emmanuel. You are sure going through that book fast!"

Referring to the first Harry Potter book that Mary was reading in bed. As Emmanuel jumped into bed next to her, she started showing him tips on how she speed reads novels.

"See, says Mary, I basically let my eyes scan to see who is talking first, then I just pick up the gist of the paragraph before moving onto the next. I basically skip the descriptors of moods, tones, backgrounds. I can gather what I want from what the person actually says."

"I think I would actually enjoy reading if I could learn how to do that." Says Emmanuel

The next night they were laying in bed together again, this time just talking. The topic of conversation was about the upcoming weekend and Mary hosting a get together for the women in her Sunday School Class.

" I only have 5 women coming and 2 of them are actually from work." says Mary. "The one lady I invited sits next to me and I realized after Easter weekend that we go to the same church." As Mary started to launch into the story of how exactly she figured this out, Emmanuel interrupted her. "So you only have 5 girls coming?"

"Hey, said Mary, I was trying to tell you a story here! It isn't nice to interrupt me."

Eman, with a straight face but a twinkle in his eye replied, "I was practicing my speed reading technique."


Sources of Joy said...

he totally got you - score one for Eman. he's too funny. :)

mejane said...

He he. So funny. BTW, how do you like HP?