Saturday, February 27, 2010

From Behind

Getting ones body back after carrying a baby in it for nine months is NO laughing matter. I am glad no one told me how difficult, discouraging and frustrating it would be. Mentally I am motivated, physically I am daunted with backaches, muscle spasms, too much milk, a baby who needs to eat every two to three hours....etc...

This week I was standing face forward to the mirror...and I thought to myself, I am looking relatively good. Turned to the side...yep, also looking pretty good. (compared to being 9 months pregnant how could the side view not look good?)

Then I turned completely around and was seriously not happy with what I saw. From behind....still LOTS of work to do.

Leave it to me to have a spiritual thought at that specific moment in time....but I did. How often do we only look at one portion of our life, one aspect of our character, one act of service or one random moment of generosity and think that we are ok? We cling to that false sense of security in ourselves.

Sometimes it is hard to turn around in the mirror. It is hard to face those areas where we aren't succeeding, we aren't choosing the correct behaviour or action.

My challenge to my blog readers is the challenge I gave to myself. Be willing to do a 360 degree analysis. Ask God to show you what you have chosen to ignore. It will make us healthier, happier people.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Banana Bread

To satisfy my carb cravings yesterday plus ease my boredom I baked chocolate chip cookies and a loaf of banana bread. After someone had it for breakfast this morning, the following conversation took place...

Me: Why did you cut the bread that way?
Eman: Because I didn't want a large piece.
Me: (Giggle over that logic)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Stay At Home- this is my Post

Last night in our small group we talked about being a "warrior chick" from our Holly Wagner book. One thing that she stresses in this chapter is the concept of staying at the posts God has put us at. Being faithful with and for what He has given us.

I think this really spoke to how I have been struggling this week. On Monday I got all dressed up for an appointment in Clevelend. It felt good to go into an office, talk with a professional and have my mind stimulated.

The rest of the week I was really cranky and I think it is because I was fighting with God over the post He has me at right now. I am pretty confident that due to my human nature I would want to be home if I was working...but I was complaining about being home all week with O. I sounds horrible. But I have to be honest.

After being honest with myself, I realized that I MUST seize this opportunity, this post that I am at right now and not only faithfully fulfill this role but enjoy every minute I have with my little daughter. I will probably have the rest of my life to work...but only this week to enjoy a three month old named Olivia.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed In

This morning we woke up to alot of is hard to measure with the drifts but my guess is between 8-10 inches. Perfect Saturday morning for french toast, pot of coffee, warm PJ's and movies...which is exactly what we are doing.

Here is the view out our breakfast nook.