Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Banana Bread

To satisfy my carb cravings yesterday plus ease my boredom I baked chocolate chip cookies and a loaf of banana bread. After someone had it for breakfast this morning, the following conversation took place...

Me: Why did you cut the bread that way?
Eman: Because I didn't want a large piece.
Me: (Giggle over that logic)


Dawn Shultz said...

I totally understand that cutting method!! The inside pieces are the softest and best to eat. But if you slice the end off, you get mostly the drier parts... not as good. But if you cut the square piece, you get some of the good stuff without having too big a piece! See? :) Logic.

mejane said...

Mmm...that bread looks yummy. I would have taken the whole piece and probably the cookies too. :)

Emmanuel said...

Thank you Imma and Jane. The bread was so good!
I just wanted a little bit of the inside piece. huumm!!! it was really good :)