Monday, February 28, 2011

Blowing Snow

This winter has found me on the road observing the snow and ice patterns frequently. When we first arrived in Ohio I had the luxury of being 1 mile away from my place of employment. Winter 2 found me 6 miles away. Winter 3 found me at home with a newborn. This winter I am 25 miles away from work so I have had alot more driving time.

You know, those people out driving on the highway with 6 inches of snow still piled on top of their car? I have noticed two things about these vehicles. Either, they create a mini blizzard for those driving behind and around them. Or- the sheet of ice accumulated on top of their car comes crashing down either onto the pavement or cars around them.

Either disposal method is quite inconvenient for the drivers around them! You really would like to roll your window down and shout something like "Get a garage!".

Last week when it was the falling sheet of ice off of a large van in front of me (which resulted in a startled jerk on the steering wheel from me.) I thought about how this translates to our life. Sometimes we are going through things that come crashing or blowing off of us. Lately I feel like when people ask me how I am doing, I pause to find something nice to say! My mind is filled with negative blowing, crashing issues, scenarios and experiences. Not to say that life is HORRIBLE right now, just a lot of struggles going on.

How much nicer would it be if those cars could park in a nice warm garage in the morning before hitting the road. Just a few minutes where the accumulation could quietly melt away. This is where I need to be. In a corner melting away my negativity. I apologize to my friends who have had a faceful of snow from me lately! Thank you for loving me anyway.

Let the melting begin.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Little tiny fingers

Little tiny fingers grasping my neck, not wanting me to leave for work this morning.
Trying to blow me kisses but knowing that means I am going bye bye.
Trying to be brave and wave through the glass.

Such a sweetheart I have.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roller Coaster

I hate them. I hate everything about them. The seats, the feeling of falling, the motion sickness. There is nothing good that I experience from them.

And I was told this week that life is like a roller coaster. So, in light of that, I have to find the positive!

Ok positive things that happened the last few weeks (which I guess would resemble the quiet gentle climb to the top of the first roller coaster hill?)
** great marriage seminar at church
** a good week at work with a re-organization of my department looming in my favor
** watching my toddler run around the Home and Garden show, only pausing long enough to dance at the player piano

Now for the plunging, sinking, tumultuous fall after the gentle climb.
** Olivia getting the stomach flu
** The realization that marriage really is something you always have to work on
** More tests and continued illness for me
** Continuous job hunt for my Babe

So... if life is a roller coaster, I hope it is full of sparkly flashing lights. Maybe that would take my mind off of the "roller" and more on the "coast".

Friday, February 11, 2011

Celiac Disease

I promise not to make this blog all about, or even frequently about my illness. That would just make for some boring reading.

But I do want to thank all my friends and family for their support. I have gotten wonderful websites, book reviews, blogs, recipes and love as I set out on this lifetime journey. My husband brought me home two boxes of rice chex because right now that is the only thing he knows I can eat! Such a sweetie.

I have two and half weeks until all my baseline testing is done. I am praying not alot of permanent damage has been done because as I read more and more I realize I probably have had this for a while and left it undiagnosed. I know God will use it. I know it will be a wonderful journey to a much healthier me.

In the mean time, I had a muffin for breakfast and Jimmy Johns for lunch! (at the instruction of my Dr. )

Monday, February 7, 2011


Back in San Diego I participated in our Church mentoring program for women. I both had a mentor while I was there and also sat on the committee as a representative of women my age. It was a great experience.

Coming here to Ohio meant I lost my mentor. She was a wonderful woman and I really enjoyed getting to know her. We are still in touch but it is of course not the same with miles between us.

When we joined our new church in NE Ohio I registered for the mentoring program and eagerly anticipated meeting my new mentor! My friends were placed with various older women in the church as time went on. I hear their wonderful stories and tried to be patient while I waited for mine.

Several follow up e-mails and three years later, I got an e-mail today from my new mentor!!! I know God has perfect timing (not sure whey He took three years) so I am praying that this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship that will aid us both in our spiritual growth.

It could be worse

Wow- I haven't blogged in a while so hope my handful of readers haven't missed me too much.

Lots going on over here....last week was horrible for me. Lots of crying, emotions, praying and just general yuckiness.

Mostly because of two things.

A) You know how when you hold everything inside, you try to be strong, you try to smile when you don't feel like smiling and then it catches up with you. That was last week. I had an emotional explosion. Good thing that only happens like once a year...but I would be happy if it never happened again!
Moral of the story- maybe deal with issues, emotions, fears head on instead of letting them pile up.

B) I have a preliminary diagnosis of Celiac Disease. I have been super sick this last month and finally got checked out last week. I am relieved it isn't something worse, excited to start feeling better, yet a little scared to radically change my diet in the way it needs to be. Probably being sick aided in my emotional outburst this week also.

So, sorry to be a downer this morning. I am praying this week will be LOTS better than last week. :)