Monday, February 28, 2011

Blowing Snow

This winter has found me on the road observing the snow and ice patterns frequently. When we first arrived in Ohio I had the luxury of being 1 mile away from my place of employment. Winter 2 found me 6 miles away. Winter 3 found me at home with a newborn. This winter I am 25 miles away from work so I have had alot more driving time.

You know, those people out driving on the highway with 6 inches of snow still piled on top of their car? I have noticed two things about these vehicles. Either, they create a mini blizzard for those driving behind and around them. Or- the sheet of ice accumulated on top of their car comes crashing down either onto the pavement or cars around them.

Either disposal method is quite inconvenient for the drivers around them! You really would like to roll your window down and shout something like "Get a garage!".

Last week when it was the falling sheet of ice off of a large van in front of me (which resulted in a startled jerk on the steering wheel from me.) I thought about how this translates to our life. Sometimes we are going through things that come crashing or blowing off of us. Lately I feel like when people ask me how I am doing, I pause to find something nice to say! My mind is filled with negative blowing, crashing issues, scenarios and experiences. Not to say that life is HORRIBLE right now, just a lot of struggles going on.

How much nicer would it be if those cars could park in a nice warm garage in the morning before hitting the road. Just a few minutes where the accumulation could quietly melt away. This is where I need to be. In a corner melting away my negativity. I apologize to my friends who have had a faceful of snow from me lately! Thank you for loving me anyway.

Let the melting begin.

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