Monday, August 31, 2009

How to Study the Bible

"I bet none of you were jumping up and down with excitement when you found out the topic of discussion!" Said our new Sunday School teacher last week.

Honestly- no. I was not thrilled. My first thought if I am honest with myself was "Who wants to hear two sermons in one morning!"

But pleasantly not only did God work on my heart a little bit, I really enjoyed the topic once we arrived and engaged. If I open my mind to the why and how of how to study the Bible, I am convinced I will learn something. (obviously)

So with a refreshed attitude I look forward to the coming week and the challenge to read my Bible once a day. Today I feasted on 1John chapter 1.

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Aynsley - WrenLife said...

Rock on! Love the new blog layout. I'm all over Proverbs tonight!