Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Central Log to my Internal Fire

One thing I love about our church here in Ohio is the preaching. Most of the sermons resonate with me to the point of reflection the rest of the week.

Last Sunday was such a sermon. Although I can barely do it justice, I can write about my thoughts concerning it.

Our Pastor spoke on the importance of keeping Christ at the center. He used an illustration of a starter log for a fire. Everything is built around it but for many of us, that central nerve is something other than what it should be.

A profound observation; "If you touch someones central log, and it is not Christ, be prepared to battle unforgiveness from that person. Whatever is at their center will be the forbidden area". PARAPHRASE

I thought about areas of sensitivity in my own life that might point out things that I put above Christ. Although I can say the list is shorter than it once was, there are still things I had to admit to. Mainly my job. If someone criticises my work or thinks I made a judgement error, it just sends me into a tizzy. This week I am focused on giving that area of my life to Christ and asking him to be over it.

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Emmanuel said...

Jesus will certainly take over whatever problem we have. He says to put our burden on him and He will take care of it. Amazing sermon from Pastor Joe. I love you babe. God will help us all who desire having Jesus as the “starter log for fire” of our life :)