Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Don't Drop Your Ball!

New Years Eve Day! A time of both reflection and analysis for me. I like to look back over the past year and see everything that has happened, but mostly I enjoy looking forward at what still needs to be done.
Tonight I plan on watching the ball drop for the second year in a row! (you can see how dedicated I am to tradition). Mostly I am watching it this year because I want to see Anderson Cooper host and listen to all the performers.
A couple of things I am doing at the end/beginning of the year. Maybe you could call them New Year's resolutions but I am not sure.
** Making a photo book compiling all 2008 random pictures. It will include Eman's trip to Togo, our first house, Niagara Falls, lots of snow in Ohio and of course just some romantic pictures with my husband.
** Using to analyze our finances for 2008 and understand how to improve our financial security for 2009. I am all into researching CD's right now and finding clever ways to save more money. That is our number one goal for 2009...improve our savings account.
** Eat healthy. I have discovered that I am probably allergic to gluten. (and maybe chocolate but I am not 100% sure yet) So using a great cookbook called the "Eat Clean Diet" I am feeling alot stronger and healthier. I don't go home every day with a horrible pain in my stomach.
** Learning a new Yoga routine to do at home. I have seriously been using the same video for about 5 years now. Time to mix it up a little bit!
Let me know what you are thinking about this New Years Eve!

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