Monday, January 5, 2009

Healing Touch

Last night was a tragic end to a great weekend. One of my best friends came and spent the weekend with me. We shopped, cooked, talked and went to a hockey game. We had a marvelous time together! I will post some pictures soon.

Emmanuel and I went to the Cleveland airport to drop her off last night and came back home by around 8pm. I got out of his car, went around the back of mine and twisted my ankle on the driveway. My ankle rolled, my knee crashed into the cement and my head banged against the garage tracking. Thankfully the wood and not the metal.

So I limped into the house, crying my eyeballs out. Not knowing if I should hold my head or my knee while I hobbled. Eman is fussing all around...picking up my spilled purse, trying to lift me up the two steps. It was a fiasco. Guess falls happen more the closer you get to 30!

After I got on the couch and Eman took my shoe off, he promptly brought his smelly balm down. I had a feeling it would help reduce the swelling so I let him put it on. Flinching and groaning as he massaged my injured ligaments. I suffered through the pain of his touch. Then about 30 minutes later, he wanted to come touch my ankle again. No thanks Big is resting comfortably.

Then we went to bed and he wanted to touch it again! Are you a crazy man? I just hobbled up the steps and managed to get comfortable in bed. It does not need more touching!

My perception, if he touched me it would hurt. His perception, he wanted to comfort and somehow bring a healing calmness by touching the hurt muscles.

As I sit at my work desk in my slippers (after taking the elevator to my cubicle) I am thinking about how much my experience last night is just like my relationship with God. I really want to dicate to Him how much I want Him to touch me. Especially if it is a sensitive area, a hurting place in my heart.
I let Him put his soothing balm on it, only if I want it. Once I deem it is too much then I push Him away. Are we really the best judge of what we need? Is my place of pain the most rational time to reason what can heal my hurt? Emotions, shock, pain and fear are all dicating what I think I need.
So next time I fall, or next time my Father is probing into my heart, I hope that I can shut down my complaints and crys and let the healing touch wash over me.


Laurie and company said...

poignant post. so very true.

thanks for sharing this. hope you get better quickly!


mejane said...

I can totally relate! Sometimes, when I want to ignore an issue, it's more painful to allow God to heal in HIS way because I'm forced to face the truth.
Ah well, it's all a growing process.

Hope you feel better and post those pictures soon!

abby said...

Hello there... i am a cousin of yours however we havent spoke since child hood.
It seems you are blessed with a loving husband and strong faith :)
many congrats to you!
Im not quite sure how all this works but it you would like to contact me my email address is
take care...
much love

Amber Porsche said...

Hey Babe,
I'm so sorry you hurt your ankle!!
Call me soon, love u~