Monday, January 19, 2009

Long Johns

This week I was reminded of the old old old movie, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. For those of you who haven't seen is worth watching on a day when you are snowed in and have lots of time to kill.

The reason I thought of it was my newfound fascination and appreciation for long underwear! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be so thankful and grateful for one of the ugliest pieces of clothing known to mankind. Nor did I think it would be so easy to find. They were right there in the Target lingerie section although they can hardly be classified as lingerie!

So, I went from a bikini on the beaches of San Diego to long johns in the winter of Ohio...but I am happy and healthy!

Oh- my correlation to the movie is that there is a hilarious long john scene where the girls steal their cloths to wash them and the guys are left in nothing but their long underwear.. They proceed to put on a pretty great dance routine while waiting for their clothes but currently I can not find the inspiration to dance around in mine!!


Larissa Annen said...

I LOVE this movie!!!!!!!!!! it's so stinkin' cheesy and wonderful! i love the musicl. ben pretty much would rather stick forks in his eyes than watch it, but i love to torture him! :)

Matt, Melissa, Baxter, Matthias, Matijs said...

Mary -
You've got to watch the M*A*S*H episode of the long johns. It ranks right up there! Miss you guys.

mejane said...

I'm just catching up on my blog reading after a long week...this is so funny! I don't remember much of the movie, mainly that I thought it was waaaayy too corny, even for me. BUT I also remember the long john dance bit and how silly and gay those men looked dancing around in their underwear. It makes me laugh just visualizing it.
Personally, I am a closet fan of long johns (even in SD). I even bought Daniel a pair this winter at WalMart. Come to think of it, he looks just as silly and gay, LOL. I will have to send you a picture.