Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Layer vs. Pile

It is probably only fitting that at some point in this LONG winter, I reflect on my spiritual health using the snow metaphor. It has been snowing for several months now and it finally came to me.

(For those of you who are in California and can not visualize my analogy, I have pictures for you! But I did not take them.)

This week I was entering my garage and looked up at the beauty of layered snow on my roof. From a side view the snow piles on top of each other like a pillow top mattress. It looks so cool!

But at the front of my forgotten lawn is a huge pile of snow. No apparent beauty in my eyes other than the fact it is off the road!

Last week I hit a rough couple of days and really withdrew into myself. Poor Eman tried his best to figure out what was wrong but I couldn't communicate it to him. Everything was a jumbled pile of feelings, emotions, thoughts and prayers. I have learned at that point it is better to not say anything than to say too much.

I do better with layers. Tackling one problem at a time! But sometimes we don't get a say. Sometimes life just comes to us all jumbled and in a mess. I think God allows those times because we need Him even more. Given the option we would all choose to have a cross section of our pain to analyze. It is scientific and clean.

Thankfully the "Son" can melt both the layers and the pile if we call out to Him. :)


Sources of Joy said...

I love this insight. The messy pile most certainly is harder to deal with, but I think you're right that God can work in us even more.

I am in the middle of a great, big, messy pile and I needed to hear this. Thanks, sister!

mejane said...

Yes, I can relate. But more to the "when it rains, it pours" cliche. :)
I keep meaning to call you! Hope all is better.