Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Guest Blogger- "Today is Valentine's Day"

Today is Valentine day

Yesterday my wife asked me what I’m going to be writing about today, since today is valentine day. I told her I started another topic and should finish it today.
Well, you can imagine what her advise to me is. She said: “I think you should write about valentine day.” So here is what I think about valentine day.

As a married man, I know that valentine day is very important for most women, especially to those with “soul mate.” Here is my confession. I can be a little stubborn sometimes, particularly when it comes to “Traditions.” I don’t really like the idea of having tradition, I like thing to happen spontaneously. Don’t get me wrong, I get excited everyday on my way home from work to see my beautiful wife and talk with her and just have fun together. Is that a tradition? I look forward to spending time with her, but when it comes to things that seem akin to “tradition” I’m averse, yes quite reluctant. I’ve learned quickly to please my wife in many ways for God’s glory, and I know she is grateful for that, but at the same time, I know she gets sad or maybe upset when I don’t get excited about traditions.

I decided to get energized and be prepared for some of the traditions such as putting Christmas tree together few days before “Jesus birthday”, or celebrating valentine day with passion and enthusiasm. For those of you who are thinking, what about birthday, or wedding anniversary? Those days are “a giving” which means, I do not consider those celebration days a traditional days; those days are days God has set aside and blessed. That being said, for this year valentine day, my wife and I have a reservation at a very nice restaurant at 7:00 PM. We are going to dress up very nicely and have a romantic evening for ourselves. I bought her a very nice gift from Victoria Secrets. My wife and I often spend quixotic evening together, either in our house or go out for dinner, but why today is different from the others?

Valentine day is a unique day set aside for romance sometime in the 3rd century (not by God but by people). Maybe for those who don’t usually have time to be romantic (I was once one of them), or to those who because of their jobs or geographic location do not spend time together enough!
The day was originally a pagan celebration that was renamed after two early Christian martyrs named Valentine.
Jesus did sacrifice his life for us so we can have abundant of live. So whenever you celebrate the so-called “Valentine day” remembers the love God demonstrate to the world. Valentine has many symbols, but the one that I like the most is the heart-shaped outline and the doves. These two symbols represent for me LOVE and PEACE.

We need to be thankful for every single day God has given us and treat those days with our spouse like a valentine day, day of love and peace. A healthy relationship is a blessing from God, so let us celebrate this valentine day with joy and gladness with respect that God is sovereign.
Here we go!!! Have a Happy valentine! Emmanuel Agbovi

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Sources of Joy said...

A very good reminder about our everyday valentines day. And good for you, Eman, for investing in something that's important to your wife. I'm sure rewards will come back to you. :)