Sunday, February 22, 2009

More patience than I!

So I am not going with any of the three suggested topics in my previous blog because I just wanted to quickly brag on my husband for a few minutes. There are so many good qualities that make me adore him...even after being with him for 4 years, but yesterday it was his patience that made me giggle.

We had rented some movies from the Redbox- for those of you who don't know what that is, it is a movie vending machine located at various gas stations and grocery stores around my community. For $1 a night you can select a movie from a touch screen.

Well we had two to take back and wanted to rent a new one- so we stopped at the local gas station. Eman wanted to drive me because it had started to snow- but insisted on wearing his Adidas shorts and tennis shoes!

So we get the Redbox- snow is coming down and the machine is broken. I first attempt to get a movie and after two attempts I give up and go to the car. Eman however, standing in his shorts mind you, attempts for AT LEAST 15 minutes to get the darn thing to vend a movie. I see him using two to get the mouse over the right movie and the other to quickly select the movie. You would think he was performing brain surgery with the intensity he was working!! I was cracking up in the car and had to both take a picture and show you the patience of a saint that is my husband.

I love that perseverance in him and it spreads throughout his life. Whether it is our marriage, his job, his home, his friendship, he has taught me so much about patience. It is amazing what we have learned from each other and I am so thankful to have him in my life.


Anonymous said...

So, did he get it to work?

Mary Zolene said...

Nope he never did!!! We went home empty handed and flipped through our cable channels which seem to never have anything on them!