Friday, February 27, 2009

Settling In

The last couple of weeks I have noticed something about myself. I think I have finally settled into Ohio. Looking back I think last year was really really rough. New state, new home, new church, new friends, new job. Although my transient nature somewhat thrives on the new- I am finding alot of joy in the familiar and a peace with my surroundings.

This week especially two things stuck out to alert me about my new found state of mind.

We are getting more involved in our church. This week we met with leaders to volunteer in both International Student ministry and Young Professional women's group! I think holding back from comitting ourselves was fear that Ohio wasn't going to work out for us. It feels so good to be involved and using our gifts and talents for God's glory!

Second thing may seem a little weird- and no there is no Agbovi Junior on the way yet. When I left California I was given some items from my previous employer who was liquidating inventory. Two boxes of high end English baby strollers. We brought them with us to Ohio and for some odd reason I have never opened them up!

This week I was envisioning the "nursery" and decided to see what was inside those boxes. Wow..what a surprise! I found there are three beautiful strollers in those boxes. :) One pink and two neutral. Emmanuel heard me banging around upstairs so he came up and started laughing! He grabbed the pink one and started vroom vrooming around the hallways! Hopefully soon we can fill up those little strollers.

Anyway- just wanted to let you know that I am doing well here. Enjoying God's blessing on my life.


Larissa Annen said...

ben has an obsession with strollers and is dying to know what kind of strollers you got and if you're interested in selling! :)

Mary Zolene said...

Haha that is hilarious...They are Silver cross- one pram system and two "umbrella" type.
I need to hang onto them since hopefully we will need them someday ourselves. :)
Have a great weekend~

mejane said...

I'm trying to catch up on all my blog reading...sorry it's been a while since I've commented.
So glad you are getting more involved. You both have a lot to offer and have been blessed with the gift of leadership. I know God will put you to good use and you will reap the rewards as well.
As for strollers, I can totally picture Eman rollin' up and down the hall ways! LOL