Monday, December 22, 2008 new smell!!!

Emmanuel and I exchanged our one present to each other on Sunday afternoon...the reason being that instead of buying multiple gifts for each other, we just bought one and then took each other shopping for winter clothes.

(Today was 3 degrees outside and our California remnant of a wardrobe is just not cutting it.)

Emmanuel totally surprised me with a new perfume!! He handed me the bag and said...

" I know you know what it is"

"No I really don't" I said....but inside I was guessing a sweater since I complain of being cold all the time.

Much to my surprise I found two huge bottles of Calvin Klein "Euphoria" in my gift bag!! It is seriously the largest and most beautiful bottle of perfume I have ever owned.

"Babe," I said.. "Why did you think I would guess this"?

"Because when I came home from shopping I smelled so strongly of women's perfume that I rushed upstairs and scrubbed my hands. I was tempted to take a shower but I figured that would be too obvious. I thought you must have smelled all the perfume on me and known that is what I bought!" Said Emmanuel

So new smell is euphoric and it will last me a very long time...

Thanks Babe for a great Christmas present!!!

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Larissa Annen said...

i LOVE euphoria! that was my scent last year that ben got me. this year it's vera wang bouquet. euphoria is fabulous though! enjoy!