Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lunch Break

I have a variety of ways I spend my one hour lunch break. Sometimes I run errands, sometimes I go shopping. Often I go home, make a salad and watch CNN for a little while.

Today was different. Today's lunch break was a prayer time with Emmanuel. To bare your heart before the Father with your spouse is for me one of the most precious experiences. Thanking God for your blessings, asking him to fill your needs.
It has always been the binding factor in my relationships. The friends who pray with me are the ones who have my heart.... Emmanuel prayed on our first date and I was instantly taken to the throne room before my God.
Don't take this awesome gift for granted. If you know someone who is hurting, call them up and pray with them over the phone. If you need some of that intimate time with your spouse, grab them by the hand and spend a few minutes in prayer together. I assure you, it is a few minutes or a lunch break worth spending.

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Laurie and company said...

Thank you, Mary, for this awesome, deep reminder!

it's so encouraging and cool that you and Emmanuel so obviously love the Lord your God!

rock on and keep praying, brother and sister in Christ!