Monday, September 14, 2009

God Chicks - Remake

This post is for my friends in the San Diego small group! I suggested to my small group of Young Professional women here in Ohio that we use the God Chicks book for our next study. They got a little interested so I ran into the basement, pulled out my copy and came upstairs to pass it around.

As I was thumbing through it I found notes from when we did it together over 2 years ago. E-mails from Jane, Dilenna, Summer. Notes to myself on what we were going to talk about that week.

I also came across our "brainstorming" session on what I am assuming was the "party chick" chapter. If you remember, we were sitting outside the coffee shop and all discussing things we would like to do, but apparently never had the courage to try.

As I was getting ready to hand the book around to my new small group, I had to start laughing out loud as my eyes fell to the list of suggested activites. Right there as the top two were "Pole Dancing and Sexy Photo Shoot". I don't think my current group of single ladies would have quite understood that list!!!

Man did I get a good laugh. I sure do miss you ladies!

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Sources of Joy said...

I remember that conversation! Thanks for the laugh and the memory. Those were fun times...