Thursday, May 26, 2011

Protein Bars and Shakes

So the good news is that I am beginning to be quite healthy!!! Less pain, less hours spent in the bathroom, more energy, more smiles. As it turns out though, when one is not constantly sick, one starts to actually gain weight. Haha...A nice and welcome problem to have I assure you. NOT that I had gotten to be skin and bones, but there were quite a few consecutive months where I did not have to watch what I was eating.

Well I think those days are past. I am determined to lose 8 pounds. So I found some wonderful GF protein powder and bars on Amazon, subscribed to a monthly delivery and hopefully am on my way!

In relation to this topic, we received news that Olivia is currently negative for Celiac disease. I cried when I got the call. Such an answer to prayer. We will have to repeat this test once every year or two or if she becomes symptomatic, but for now she is able to eat whatever her little heart desires.

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