Monday, September 26, 2011

Do I still Blog?

I am asking myself this question and I don't know what the answer is! Things continue to happen in our life, but as they are happening, it sucks time to actually document them. These days are very busy!

I am treading water with many joys along the way. Still finding that sweet spot of balance and infrequently achieving it.

Some main points for us. Emmanuel now has a full time job at American Greetings. Olivia is so close to 2 years old that the temper tantrums decided to just go ahead and say hello. I am still working at GOJO and learning every day that my job does not define me or my attitude.

We just had our first ever family photo shoot so I will share some of the pictures once I get the CD. We had alot of fun and are excited to make this a regular event now!

Stay tuned, I promise not to leave blogging completely behind.

1 comment:

Dawn Shultz said...

Yay! You are still blogging! I like hearing your heart.