Friday, March 12, 2010

Whirlwind or Tumbleweed?

I stopped to consider today which my life is more like...the whirlwind or the tumbleweed. Let me ponder.

"A whirlwind is a weather phenomenon in which a vortex of wind (a vertically oriented rotating column of air) forms due to instabilities and turbulence created by heating and flow (current) gradients." Wikepedia

"A tumbleweed is the above-ground part of a plant that, once mature and dry, disengages from the root and tumbles away in the wind." Wikepedia

Yesterday I got a call from my former employer, the one who laid me off almost exactly 2 months ago. Today I was sitting in the exact same cube I started in, reporting to the exact same person over two years ago. I will be consulting for a couple of weeks.

Although it feels a little like a whirlwind, and my heart feels like a dry tumbleweed, unsure of where it is being blown to next, I decided I am neither a whirlwind or a tumbleweed. God knows the direction and plan He has for me.


randy said...

That is so true, Mary.

Matt, Melissa, Baxter, Matthias, Matijs said...

Love this! Miss you guys. Glad to see parenthood is treating you well. Let us know if you guys ever head this way for a visit.