Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Business

Today Emmanuel and I had the awesome opportunity to have a business meeting at a local company we are hoping to partner with. Some of you may not know that we have started a consulting company called Chercheurs Technology Group.

It was really cool this morning to work together for an hour. Me, marketing my skill set, Emmanuel marketing his. Our main concern with this venture is that we may not have skills that could compliment each other and we have worked hard to blend our education and experience into a cohesive package.

Today we were rewarded with an awesome compliment. The business men we met with today were excited about what we can do, and upon realizing (after 45 minutes) that we are actually a married couple, complimented us on the fact that our skill set is nicely combined. They actually were kind of excited that we were married. That had been another concern of ours.

So all in all- it was a really great day. It was like going on a job interview with your best friend there. I can't speak for my business partner, but my confidence level was even higher than if I had been in the same meeting alone.

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Dawn Shultz said...

That is amazing and wonderful! How great that you presented so professionally that they didn't guess you were married, and yet it was a positive when they learned it! Way to go!!!