Sunday, April 18, 2010

Your least weakness

I made a recent comment to several people that I seriously regret. It has come around to now be a character issue to deal with.

My statement was something to the effect....

"I have alot of issues and coping mechanisms, but anger has never really been one I have to worry about."

So, just this week I really had to admit that I am now struggling with anger. On my 6 mile hike last weekend I was really praying about it, asking God to help me.

Right now I feel alot of it. I used to respond to friends, family situations in a pretty even-keeled manner. But now I get a hot head, say things I would never have said before, and of course regret that the wisdom and love that usually flows from my mind to my mouth is currently absent.

I don't like the angry feeling in my heart. It leaves a bitter taste in my soul. So my prayer is that I can recognize when the anger swells inside me, rationally quiet myself and ask God for His wisdom in dealing with some real crappy situations I am in right now.

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Aynsley - said...

That is right girl! You can do it. Kick anger's butt :)