Friday, November 5, 2010

Facing a Fear

First week on my new job is complete!! I was surprised at how quickly the week flew by and how I could feel the prayers of all my friends and family. I worried that having been out for a while would leave my brain sluggish and confused but just the opposite occured this week. My mind was engaged and sharp and the week went great!

Yesterday I had a little epiphony. I realized that being laid off has left me a little scarred. My boss has a very agressive personality in the organization and is not afraid to speak his mind, to anyone, with me standing right there. I felt myself cringing quite a few times. On reflection I realized that I really just didn't want him to rock the boat! If he ends up not a citizen of this community, where does that leave me!

Horrible way to go to work every day right? So after some good discussion with my husband and some prayer time with my Father I have reached this conclusion and belief. God has given me this job. Just like everything else we have, it is His to take away or continue to give. No boss or economy can change that.

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mejane said...

So glad your first week went well! Giving control to others (ie your boss) is the hardest but trusting in God and allowing him to be in control should be easy. I have to keep telling myself "who wants to be in control? It's too hard and there's way too much pressure.".