Friday, March 18, 2011

Precious Time

This week while waiting for the VP of International Business to enter a meeting with me, I created a matrix. It was a hand drawn time matrix of how my week goes. How many hours do I sleep, work, play, etc....

I was actually kind of shocked at what I saw and it has prompted me to make some changes, with more changes to follow. I realized that at least 50 hours a week are spent commuting to and being at work. That part doesn't bother me, it is a needed function of my time for my family.

What did bother me is the fact that during the week I only spend on average 8 hours with Princess O. If I do anything in the evening during the week it takes precious precious time away from her. If I meet a friend, stop at the grocery store, attend a meeting, it reduces those hours to such a minimal amount.

With that realization, yesterday I called in sick and spent ALL MY HOURS with my little darling. Not only did it pay off emotionally, but finally she called me Mama. :)

So if I seem to be all of a sudden stingy with my time, it is true. I am. Time is precious, my family is precious. Doesn't take a math formula, only a hand drawn scribbled matrix to realize.


Aynsley - said...

you go girl!!!! love ya

Tammy Foseid said...

Good for you! She will only be little for so long.

Sources of Joy said...

From one working mama to another, way to go!!! Enjoy that little doll of yours. :)