Sunday, May 15, 2011

Family, School, Work and Play

If the above sounds like a priority list, it is not. It is the top level outline of my coming week.

Family = We are SO very excited to get a visit this week from Marie, Jean and Fabrice. Emmanuel's sister, brother in law and nephew. They have come all the way from Burkina Faso and are spending three weeks in the states. We get to host them the last leg of their visit before they fly out of Cleveland. I can't wait for Olivia to spend some time with the Agbovi side of the family.

School = Tomorrow starts Olivia's first full week of daycare or as Mommy prefers to call it, "school". My heart is kind of breaking thinking of the adjustment we are all going to have. I am praying that after a few days she settles in and comes to like it. I am praying she likes her teachers, we all know how picky she is when it comes to people outside her little network.

Work- This topic is multi faceted. Emmanuel starts his new job on Monday which we are very excited about !!! We are praying this turns into a full time position for him and the tables are turned in our family. I go back on Monday to still more uncertainty and stress but for now enjoying the fact that we will have two incomes. For how long who knows. :)

Play = Olivia and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend home alone. We have no pictures because Emmanuel took the camera with him to his nephews graudation in Kentucky. Olivia and I cleaned the entire house, went to the Cleveland Zoo Rainforest, visited the mall, had a playdate with the neighbor boy. Last night after she went to bed my good friend and mother of three boys came over. We made tiramisu and enjoyed an evening together. We try to play as hard as we work around here!!

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Dawn Shultz said...

It's so wonderful that you get to see Maria!! I'm excited for you!

I'm praying for Olivia this week, that she will adjust to school and learn to enjoy the moment, even though she will still prefer home.

You guys sure do live well!