Friday, January 22, 2010


It is time for a positive post... so here goes.

Last week was the first trip we took with Olivia. We went to DC for sad circumstances...but this is my positive post so I will only share positive things.

We spent time in the Togolese community and with Togolese friends and family while we were there. It is the first time I have made observations about Emmanuel's culture since having my own daughter and I LOVED what I saw.

Not to make generalizations...but here were some of my observations.

1) Children are SO treasured by everyone including the men.
2) There seems to be like a handbook for raising children that everyone is following. Everyone looks out for the children as if they belong to everyone, not just the individual parent.
3) Barring any bad behaviour, the children are given alot more freedom than in American culture. For instance while the memorial service was going on, during the pastor's preaching, children were wandering around the room from person to person. They weren't being bad, just walking around. (never would have happened in US culture)
4) Children are kept with the adults and engaged in conversation with the adults- their responses are encouraged and enjoyed.
5) Olivia was treated like royalty! Everyone wanted to talk with her, and she was passed between her Uncles alot.

I took away and have pondered several key things that I am really excited to bring into our home. Having been in the community for the weekend just gave me such a sense of safety. I am excited for Olivia to be with her Togolese family as much as possible.

Olivia and our Tassi

Olivia with our friend Joseph's family