Thursday, January 28, 2010

Practice makes Perfect

So I decided after my 15 minute testimony this morning that if I really want a career speaking to women in the future...I will definitely need to practice! So I think my cam-corder and I will be making some dates! Maybe I will even start posting short blurbs on here so you can help critique me.

My PPT looked great, my outline was tight...but I didn't factor in the following obstacles.

Olivia had a rough night which made me have a rough night, although I currently am battling an infection thanks to her being the worst baby at nursing ever!! So we get to church, I am not feeling well, trip as I go up to the podium, PPT won't come up, lose my voice halfway due to lack of sleep. Needless to say I don't have that confident, "Thank you God for that going well" feeling. I have more the "Please, let someone be blessed by that comedy of errors because of who YOU are God." feeling.

He probably wanted it that way.

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Sources of Joy said...

Oh my goodness, I hurt for you! Thank the Lord that he knew about that all along, before you got the opportunity to speak. I guess he wanted you to have a little humility and a whole lot of dependence on him? I'm sure that there were many women who were put at ease to watch you, though. That's how God works, isn't it?!