Monday, January 11, 2010

Still struggling

It is amazing how I can be so happy and yet so sad at the same time. I lost my job this week. In an embarrassing and humiliating way. I, along with 13 other people were laid off from the headquarters of Step2. But they treated me like a criminal. I was escorted to the room where they told me what was going on, escorted to my desk to collect only mt coat, walked past all my co-workers to the front door where a security guard was stationed. (we never had security guards).

I think how I was let go was so hard. I put in three years for this company, was told my performance had nothing to do with my lay-off, but then was paraded out the door.

The happy part was my little seven week old daughter who was thrilled to snuggle on the couch with me over the next 48 hours of crying. If it weren't for her, I think I would still be in bed, fighting with depression. But she needs me every 3 hours, so wallowing is not really an option.

For now, I will enjoy her smile and look for a job soon enough.


Francie S. said...

I have known others who have had to go through that kind of lay-off. It's unfortunate and difficult I'm sure. I am praying for your family and I hope you can enjoy the fun with Eman and Olivia during this break. God will open some amazing doors for you, I'm sure.

Dawn Shultz said...

Wow, that's a terrible way to treat you!! I'm so sorry. I guess they thought you might take some pencils home with you? Ha! More likely, there were others they were concerned about, and so they treated everyone the same, wrong way. That's really, really wrong, and we just won't buy the princess anything from them. So there. :)

EveryChapter said...

How hurtful, I'm so sorry Mary! But God has his plans for you and I'm sure that extra snuggle time is just the beginning!

Just call me Red! said...

BOO! They shouldn't have treated you that way. But, yay for more time with Miss O :) I will be praying that God will give you a clear direction for what's next :) Hang in there and enjoy every moment with that precious baby. They grow up WAY to fast. Gracie will be 1 year old in two months. Where did all that time go?

Amber Porsche said...

I didn't realize that that is how they did it! Oh my gosh, that is horrible :(