Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy week ahead turns crazy!

So on Saturday I posted that my week was going to be busy...but it was a self-fulfilling prophecy that now I regret!! A few quick highlights of how this week is shaping up...

7 am Sunday morning we get woke up by the police. Our friend Franck has flipped and totaled his car on his way home from the night shift and is being delivered at our doorstep while his car is being hauled away. Thankfully he was not hurt- nor hurt anyone else but that means we are now his chauffer.

Monday- my laptop at work keeps freezing

Tuesday- my laptop dies completely

Only positive thing that has happened so far is a phenomenal yoga class at my gym Monday night. Yes- I do Yoga. It probably is inline with my voting for Barack Obama. The right wing liberal that I am now. Meditating and voting for a Democrat. They probably go hand in hand...

Pray that my Wednesday is a better day. Because I am on an airplane from Cleveland to Philadelphia- Philadelphia to DC- DC Metro to my hotel. And I HATE public transportation. Something bad always happens to me on Public Transportation. "Hard to be Hot"

1 comment:

Laurie and company said...

yikes, you ARE having the week from you know where!
I will pray for you,that it doesn't get any worse...

go YOGA! love the right wing liberal reference. that is how we are! hippie Christians!

Hope your Wednesday is more wonderful than you could have imagined possible! (ok, maybe that's a stretch!!) but good and safe all the same!

Love ya,