Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Ending

It is Wednesday already and I am back to work...but I did have to let you know that my vacation had a happy ending. We awoke on Sunday, had a nice breakfast and while getting ready for church made the decision to go to Niagara Falls for the night!! I quickly got on the internet, booked our hotel, threw some clothes in my gym bag and we were off.

We had a great time!!! Both of us had never been there specifically or anywhere in Canada. My favorite part was our two mile run Monday morning down to the falls. The mist blowing in my face and hair, a brisk 50 degrees outside...it was invigorating!

There is so much to do and see at the Falls that we can't wait to go back...a perfect little weekend getaway. A sincere public thanks to my hubby for taking pity on my boredom! We had a great weekend together..


Life as I know it said...

Awesome! I love random trips!

mejane said...

How fun!! However, your days of spontaneous trips are numbered my dear, so get them out of the way before you have children. Until then, I will live vicariously through you!

mejane said...

BTW, seeing your pictures made me miss you more. Don't let that stop you from posting more though!

Laurie and company said...

what cool pix of a spontaneous time in your life. Love it and thanks for sharing! make sure to keep some of that get up and go in reserve. it will come in handy!
you and your dear one are such a cute couple!

Love ya,