Saturday, October 25, 2008

Busy Week Ahead

It is Saturday afternoon and I am out running errands. Our home computer is down so I decided to spend some quality time at the library and check my e-mail. :) I went to Akron this afternoon and waited in line for an hour to vote. From what I hear that is not a horrible wait but for living in a civalized nation there has got to be a better and more efficient way for people to vote! We can file our taxes online...why can't we vote online in the privacy of our own homes?

I was herded like cattle with at least 200+ other people while we waited for 4 workers to shout our names into the crowd for our ballot. I waited for 45 minutes to try and hear my name called...has no one heard of microphones? Seriously...

Anyway..the deed has been done. I voted for Barack Obama!

The week ahead should be great. I leave Wednesday afternoon for a CPSC conference in Washington DC. I am really looking forward to traveling and also the conference. It directly relates to my job so it will be invaluable information. There is so much changing in the Toy Industry that it is hard to keep up.

Anyway..that is the Saturday afternoon news flash for Mary Agbovi..
Over and Out


Laurie and company said...

Heyyyyyyy Mary Agbovi...we are voting for Barack Obama toooo!

Randy was just here and we got talking about the big upcoming election...

hope you have a wonderful week in spite of sheer busyness!

hugs to you,


Life as I know it said...

From your cynical journalist sister, can election day come any faster? I'm tired of talking to politicians and I'm tired of listening to them.