Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Calling all Princesses!

The nickname of Princess O has seemed to stick with my new baby daughter. It actually was started by some friends of ours who would call during my pregnancy and ask how "the princess" was. Now it has stuck.

Today I was reading my daily devotional and was blessed to read the following:

"When you understand that you are the loved-beyond-measure daughter of the KING, you will live your life differently. You will know your worth and not let anyone treat you less than a royal daughter. You will not abuse others or your own body...because royal princesses don't behave that way. When you understand that you are designed to serve humanity as God's princess, then you can freely give...and you have an obligation to do so.

And when you know this, you will affect the women who are in your world..who will affect the women in theirs...until eventually it will go around the globe.

You and I have an obligation to live our lives as princesses. And it is not just for us. It is so that our friends and our companions will follow us into the royal palace.

Imagine a planet in which every woman understands her worth and knows that she is the loved, irreplaceable daughter of the KING. Wow"

Holly Wagner

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