Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just a little too much!

There have been several times in my life where I felt that I had just a little too much on my plate to handle. This is one of those times. My already fragile emotions have been stretched to the max and I am ready for some good news. (besides totally enjoying and being enthralled with my daughter)

My last post was the pressure regarding our job situation and below are additional things going on..

1) My Uncle was in a bad car accident
2) My sister was in a car accident
3) My parents flight got canceled to come see Olivia
4) Emmanuel's nephew was shot and killed while working in a Virginia bakery
5) My employer possibly messed up my maternity leave pay
6) We got the Christmas cards/birth announcements in the mail and instead of the 100 I ordered there were only 10 in the box.

It has been something EVERY day for the last 10 and I am almost tempted to shut off my phone and snuggle with Olivia for the rest of the week.
If you call and get my voicemail..that is exactly what I have done!

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Amber Porsche said...

Um, yeah...that is WAY TOO MUCH on ur plate! Wish I could be there to help! I'm praying constantly for u, love u lots. SERIOUSLY let me kno if you ever need me to drive there. love u~