Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A sweet little face

There is a sweet cherub face staring back at me and all the emotions of being a mother intensely wash over me. A most powerful love- almost like a drug, fills my soul.

And yet, there is also a sadness also. The question of "why" and "how" fill my mind. I think now into the future- maybe 20 or 30 years. Could anything change how I feel about this little angel asleep in my arms? Could she do anything that would completely alter how I feel about her? The fear lurks in the back of my mind as the tentacles of rejection sweep over me.

Then I look into the face of Jesus and I envision Him looking into my face. I am His child. There is nothing I could ever do either intentional or un-intentional that would ever make him turn his back on me.

It is as I gaze into the love of my Saviour that I know with all certainty that the answer is no. With my heart and mind totally given to God- the love for my daughter will not wane. I will not turn my back on her. I will not abandon her. She is given to me by God and He expects me to be the parent to her that He is to me.


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Sources of Joy said...

Absolutely! I've taken the time in the past year or so to watch two older women who are sold out for their Lord and who are loving daughters that are, right now, "unlovable." It's amazing to watch how God enables them to love, even when their heart breaks.

I pray that Olivia will know her Lord and Savior early in life and that it will make your relationship with her rich beyond words!

Dawn Shultz said...

No matter what she does, no matter what she pierces or tatoos, no matter what choices she makes in life, you will love her unconditionally. And you are absolutely right. It is only because He first loved us that we love others. His love will never stop coursing through you, to your little cherub. No matter what.