Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter through the eyes of Mary

The last few weeks at my church here in Hudson we have been going through a very interesting sermon series leading up to Easter. The title has been "Easter through the eyes of _______"

I have heard the sermon involving Pilate and Judas then next week is Peter. It has been quite interesting to get different angles of a timeless story. I have come to understand background, motives, emotions and political climate in a way that I never thought of before.

After listening to Easter through the eyes of Judas last week and thinking about the upcoming sermon, I have been placing my name at the end of this sentence. Disturbingly I haven't liked what my imagination has conjured up. If I had actually been present for that very first Easter what would my response have been?

In all honesty- I don't think I would have believed in Jesus. I know we criticize Pilate who had him standing right there before him, we look down on the disciples who understood so very little about their Saviour. But I would have been the same. I would have been a critic, thinking Jesus was probably a crazy person claiming things that were blasphemous.

Maybe- just maybe one of the miracles would have won me over. Maybe the culture would have made my thought process different than it currently is. But I think God knew I needed to be born in 1979. I needed to look back on Jesus life and see that He is the Messiah. I need to compare the old and new testament- scrutinize Jesus words throughout his whole ministry to have enough faith to walk the Christian life.

What an awesome blessing I have been given at this time- this place. God knew when he created me that Easter through the eyes of Mary needed to happen in 2009. He knew that His death would impact not only those who witnessed it but continue to reverberate through out the ages.

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mejane said...

Hmm...something to think about Mary. If I were there to witness Christ's death I don't think my opinion would have differed much from yours. It would have provoked something in me though. How can someone be so passionate and so invested in God that they would literally allow themselves to be shred to peices inside and out? It gives me goosebumps to even think about it as I type.