Monday, April 27, 2009

How is my Soul today?

I mentioned in an earlier blog about how I am co-hosting a group of Young Professional Christian women twice a month. It has been a blessing in my life and a challenge to create and maintain a sense of community, love and spiritual growth.

This upcoming week we are reviewing a devotional found off of Christian Women Today and I want to answer it honestly for myself.

Today I can say my soul is good with no reservation. I would tell you if it weren't. There are things pressing into my mind that could bring me down if I let them. I could give into fears that surround me, but so far with the help of my Lord I have been triumphant.

We all know keeping our soul's and our minds healthy is a daily thing. One thing that helps me is listening to Christian music. It brings me up from whatever is crowding in my life and elevates me straight to a place of praise and peace. Today I was listing to Caedmon's Call on my way to work (sometimes I do miss my California commute because I get to listen to like 1.5 songs here in Ohio).

Especially as women we often ask each other:

How is your diet going?
How was your shopping trip?
How was your workout?

Today- take a moment and answer this question. How is your soul?

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mejane said...

Great me thinking.

On another note, maybe I should try listening to Christian music. I admit that I don't. The Christian station here does not come in very clear and I don't buy CD's anymore so I listen to the radio. Depending on who is in the car with me, I end up hearing lyrics like "I kissed a girl and I liked it," or "on top of spaghetti..." Either one, not very uplifting for the soul.