Thursday, April 30, 2009

Totally Absorbed

I have always been able to acheive a relative sense of balance in my life. Balance between home and work, between school and home, between school, work and home. You get the picture.

Lately I am wayyyyy off kilter. I am taking a step back and trying to figure out what I have actually done the last 5 weeks since finding out I am pregnant. It is practically nothing and I am sure my poor husband can vouch for that statement.

I think in the last 5 weeks I have managed to cook only two dinners, do 5 loads of laundry, scrub the shower and two toilets down and empty the dishwasher twice! My darling husband has done everything in between.

I am totally absorbed with focusing on not puking and keeping my eyes open! All I want to do is sleep!

So keep me in your prayers. My house really needs to be vacuumed, my floors need to be scrubbed, my husband needs to be fed and somehow I need to wake up and find the energy to do these things. :)

Balance- again I need some balance.


Francie S. said...

I can totally relate to this. Jack and I struggle with balance all the time-- especially this year since we have moved home. Work, church, family, etc, have really turned our lives upside down and we have been struggling to figure out how to find balance and meet each other's needs. Let's pray for each other on this one. :)

Sources of Joy said...

Au contraire, my French-phobic friend. In 5 weeks you have prepared and hand-delivered (well, belly-delivered) well over 100 gourmet, top-of-the-line meals. You have cleaned on a continual basis (gotta keep that blood and womb clean for the little one), you have facilitated the growth of fingers, toes, arms and legs, you have contributed to the starting of a human heart, and you have probably given your husband at least a few hugs (if not vomit-inducing kisses), plus two meals, plus a paycheck, plus your pregnant body to wonder at. You've done plenty. And by the way, get used to not keeping up with life anymore - you won't have things together for another 18-20 years. It's one of the hardest lessons of pregnancy, but it does get easier to roll with things and also to vaccum on no energy.
And if I know Eman, he loves this development even as he searches the empty fridge for food. Aaron is still reminding me of the full-time job I have right now. Welcome to the club; I'll be praying. :)

Eman said...

You are doing great babe. Don't worry about cleaning or cooking. I will take care of those things. Just like Jen said, you are doing a lot, facilitating the growth of fingers, arms and other parts of the body. Just relax and let your man do the rest :)
I love you.


mejane said...

Eman is so sweet!

Jen is right, it will be a while before you have balance again. My advice... get over it!

On the other hand, your house (and your husband) have yet to see you "nest". During this time you will put Martha Stewart to shame, your house will never be cleaner, and Eman will think a madwoman has kidnapped his wife.

Amber Porsche said...

Just read this- I will come over anytime u need me...seriously and I'll clean ur house. Maybe once a month I could do it... Could u suffer that long?

Seriously, let me know~
Love u