Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have never been so excited for a New Year. For some reason the passing of 2010 signifies to me the exit of a whole year's worth of struggle and suffering! 2011 is fresh, new, and unscathed. Or maybe I am fresh, new and unscathed?

Either way I have some very specific prayers and goals. I have asked God to make 2011 our year of recovery and joy.

I was looking around the web this week for some encouraging words. Something I could sink my mind into and really meditate on. I came across this article and it blessed me so much,that it will now be my reflection point for the New Year. I have printed it out and expect to keep it visible as the months progress. It is such a good reminder to look inward at the health of our soul. Maybe it will bless you also if I share it.


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