Friday, December 3, 2010

Use your words....

I was having a wonderful visit with two of my good friends last night and we were discussing my recent blog about facebook. How it can be used as a passive aggressive way of communicating with someone your mift at, without actually confronting them.

I was sharing that recently I have had the courage to do several things that I used to be too scared to do. Things like, leaving my mother a voicemail message, having an honest conversation with a friend about how I was feeling about our relationship, dealing with new personalities at work that may be vastly different than my own.

Recently I have found a new confidence budding in my spirit. In a good way. In a healthy way. My observation has been that having a little toddler running around whose character development lies squarely in the hands of her father and I, has led me to a strong place I have never been before.

My dear friends pointed out that this strength was much needed, that being a mother has probably encouraged my budding confidence. That I am less tolerant of bad attitudes, less afraid of confrontation. But if I start telling those around me to "use their words" they will know I have gone to far.

So I will continue on this journey and make sure my toe does not touch that line. Although really, sometimes I do want to say it!

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