Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finding God in the Crazy

I have been preparing for a women's devotional coming up and the title above is the title of my topic. Kind of catchy right? If you are local, come listen, if not then maybe I can post my slides afterwards.

I know we all face craziness in our lives, although I am pretty sure my testimony includes a different kind of crazy! I was thinking last night of which stories to share that will highlight some of the things I have faced. The more I thought, the more memories came flooding back.

Thankfully, I am in a place where the memories don't affect me. They are now catalogued away in my mind as a resource, something I can reference when making a point, share when emphasizing a truth, or draw upon when comforting a friend. Sometimes I surprise myself with details I had forgotten, but come rushing back when I least expect them.

Soon- I promise I will have a book. Then you won't be getting tidbits and nibbles on my blog, or a fleeting devotional. You can get the majority of the story and be blessed.

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