Monday, December 27, 2010

After Christmas

I know sometimes there is a little blue feeling after Christmas....the nagging sensation that maybe this year just didn't quite go as planned, or you could have done better.

This year, I had tears of joy. For so many things that my heart desired came true. I was able to take my husband to dinner for his birthday and enjoy a night out with him. I was able to watch my little girl open so many nice presents and enjoy the wonder of our new tree. I was able to make a nice meal for Christmas dinner after many months of not so nice meals. I received a nice warm winter coat that I really needed.

I keep saying I...but my heart knows and rejoices in the One who provided for us this year. We also were so blessed by friends and family who saw our little family and showered us with many blessings. This year has taught me how to humbly accept love from others, even if I have to creatively reciprocate.

Christmas may be over, but I have no sadness. This Christmas will always be one of my favorites.

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